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Each of our tournament - winning lures is created by Greg Thummel, better known as GT, a third generation fishermen with over 200 species of fish to his credit, along with over 30 years fishing experience.
Every GT-Lure design is field tested by top crews from around the world before being put into production.

GT Lures are made only with high quality materials and old school methods like Hawaiian lure pioneers Joe Yee, Henry Chee and Chester Kaita. Our lures are hand-poured using the finest resins, then keel weighted and lathe - turned by our experienced craftsman. And to make sure that we can control quality, all of our lures and products are proudly made in the USA!
Lure maker Greg Thummel, has worked as a tournament winning mate and captain. Then later for places like Dale Clemens custom tackle; before owning and operating several sportfishing and charter boats in the United States and Central America.  He has taken that experience to refine and build the skills to provide you with some of the best products available.   

Because our tournament lures are custom made by us in the USA, there maybe a waiting period to fill your order. We will email you after the order is placed to give you an estimated time frame for delivery, usually 1 to 2 weeks.  Please feel free to call for information.