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Ordering GT Products

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We offer our most popular options here on our website... but we are primarily a custom lure company and the sky is the limit with options. We have over 200 color combinations, 10 different shells and many other special order items available to us.

When ordering it is best to first choose the size class and style of the lure,  then your skirt combinations. Feel free to look through our site for skirt combination ideas. We will match the head insert to the skirt colors of your choice. For example; if you or glow skirts you will get a glow head!

These are still custom handcrafted lures and there maybe a wait while we make your lure.  We will contact you as soon as we get the your order to give you an estimate of how long.  10 days or less is the norm.  If for some reason you want something different like special shell, a design not pictured, etc., it is best to give us a call! 856 448 8700 or Email at

Here are our standard skirt colors. We always leave our skirts a little long so you can trim them to your hook set.

Not all are available in the larger sizes!